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Know someone who needs a Lyft?

These past nine months of isolation have been a long, difficult trip for many. Look around you; there’s a good chance someone needs to refuel. When teens start the ignition in another soul, their own power only grows stronger.

We're LYFTing off in:

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SUNDAY - 2 | 21 | 21

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THURSDAY - 2 | 18 | 21


Raffles are drawn at the UPLYFT Mega Event on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2-3 ET.
Winner must be present to redeem.

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Work with your local leaders to fill a void in your community. Here are some ways teen like you are conquering loneliness...together.

Tablets for Seniors

Loaves  of Love

Blankets for Homeless

Purim, Delivered

Homebound Shopping

Shabbat To Go

Cheering up Soldiers

Senior Home Drive-By

Call Grandma Day

Together we can defeat loneliness, UPLYFT each other, and drive home!